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Top Gopro Hero 3+ Coupon still available

The top Gopro Hero 3+ coupon for it’s recent launch is still available this week at Gopro Coupons.  The introductory Gopro Hero 3+ coupon offer for it’s launch gets you Gopro Free shipping, a 32 GB micro SD Card and a Free Gopro Wasabi Power kit that includes two extra Gopro batteries and a travel AC/DC charger that lets you charge all your spare Gopro Batteries anywhere and at anytime.  I can almost guarantee that you will not find a better money saving Gopro deal than this one on the latest Gopro Camera.  The Gopro Hero 3+ is priced at $399 for the Gopro Hero 3+ black edition and $299 for the Gopro Hero 3+ silver edition which is the same price point as the Gopro Hero 3 it replaces.  The upgrades on the newest Hero 3+ version include 20% small and lighter waterproof housing, it has a new lens that gives you a 33% better image sharpness and reduced distortion.  Gopro has also updated the wi-fi chip in the camera, so it it connects quicker then the previous version.  I think the exciting part is that the Hero 3+ has a 30% longer battery life.  You won’t have to switch batteries constantly if you use this Gopro coupon because you will have three good Gopro batteries.  I have not had the chance to actually test the new Gopro battery myself, but the test reviews online are showing a 20% increase in shooting time.  I know my wasabi Gopro batteries outlasted the original in my Hero 3 camera.

If your looking to save some money you can also still get a great deal on the Gopro Hero 3 camera.  The Hero3+ is not a huge upgrade from the 3, so I’m sure many people are taking advantage of the Gopro Hero 3 coupon discounts, while they are still available.  I’m still guessing the Gopro Hero 4 will won’t be out until sometime in 2014.  The 3+ upgrade reminds of Apple iPhone launches between new iPhone launches.  Anyways it’s your call, but I noticed that many of the Gopro Vendors already don’t have anymore Hero 3 cameras available.  The difference in price between a Hero 3+ and Hero 3 is quite substantial.  I tried all the Gopro Hero 3 coupon codes at Gopro coupons and they all work and the discounted price is $329.   No free stuff any more just Gopro Free Shipping coupons at new discounted price.  It’s a $70 savings while supplies last.  The coupon for a free SD card is no longer available on the Gopro Hero 3, so you will have to take into account the cost of getting a Micro SD card if you don’t already have one.  If you need one the cheapest place with free shipping is at Gopro SD Card coupons.  A 32 GB micro SD card will cost you $24 here.  If you want to add a Wasabi power kit you can get it at Gopro Wasabi Power kit, which is also $24 with free shipping.  If you need the SD card and want extra gopro batteries, take advantage of the Gopro Hero 3+ coupon where you get all this stuff for free.  You will just about pay the $399 if your adding the cost to the discounted $329 Hero 3.

$100 savings Gopro Hero 3 Coupons

The 18 percent off Gopro Hero 3 coupon is still available with your choice from several vendors at Gopro Coupons.  I tried out three Gopro coupons for the $70 off Gopro Hero 3 black or $50 off Gopro hero 3 silver camera with Gopro Free shipping included.  I wrote about this Gopro deal last week and it’s looking like the new Gopro Hero 3 black price of $329 and the Gopro Hero 3 silver edition price of $249 is going to be around for some time.  The only Gopro coupon code that you should be using is the first coupon listed at Gopro Coupons.  It is the best Gopro deal available and it’s the best deal that I have ever seen since Gopro Hero 3 launched last fall.  For $329 you get a Gopro Hero 3 black with free shipping included on every Gopro coupon listed, but with this coupon you also get for free a 32 GB Micro SD Card or a 2 extra battery Wasabi power kit.  A 32 GB micro SD Card cost anywhere from $25 to as high as $60 depending on where you purchase one and since you have to have one the coupon is equivalent to about $100 off Gopro Coupon.  I can guarantee that this is the top money savings Gopro coupon and I have checked and compared a lot of places.

Now if your thinking that the recent Gopro discounts that have popped up in the last couple of weeks is because the new Gopro Hero 4 is about to launch, I think you will be waiting a while.  I may be wrong, but I think it will be in 2014 before a new Gopro Hero 4 is reveled.  There is ton of speculations on what it’s going to have in terms of specs.  It appears that the new Gopro Hero 4 camera will have the new Ambarella A9 camera SoC.  It’s the newest and next chip that is inline from the current Gopro Hero 4 Black Ambarella chip.  If this is true, which in my opinion is a given, the new Gopro Hero 4 will shoot 4k resolution at 30 fps.  The new chip also lets you record in ultra high frame rate modes for HD and FullHD, so it’s 1080p at 120fps and 729p at a whopping 240 fps.  There is also speculation that it may have two lens to shoot 3D video.  I have no idea on pricing, but I can tell you that 3D video is not as popular as people assumed it would be.  I used the Gopro 3D system with Gopro Hero 2 cameras and the novelty wore of quickly.  If it’s built in it will be cool, but I don’t think Hero 3 Black users will be jumping to upgrade.  I also don’t think they will be jumping to upgrade for the 4K video either.  The current Gopro Hero 3 Black does 4k video now, just not at 30fps and the current black 4k setting is great for slow motion and time lapse shooting.  4K is a 3840×2160 resolution at an aspect ratio of (16:9).  4k televisions are starting to become available but you looking at minimum cost of about $2500.  It will be some time before the 4k televisions and monitors become popular.  If your looking for a 4k TV i recommend checking out Sony 4K TV Deals.  In a nutshell by the time 4k becomes anywhere mainstream, we may be onto a Gopro Hero 5 camera.  Now the pricing should be about the same as the current pricing, so anyone getting their first Gopro camera or upgrading from a Hero or Hero 2 camera will be the most likely buyers of the new Gopro Hero 4 camera when it launches.  I’m assuming most Hero 3 black owners, such as myself will be holding on.  I still use my Hero 2 camera as well, so I just may be nuts.  Current video from a Hero 3 black and even the Hero 2 is fantastic.  Most users won’t get much more out of 4k video or use the ultra high frame rates.

Crazy $70 off Gopro Coupon plus Free Micro SD Card promo

Newest updated $70 off 2013 Gopro Coupon for this month has added free at Gopro Coupons.  I hinted at this possible Gopro Deal in my last blog, as a couple of more $70 off Gopro Hero 3 Black coupons and $50 off Gopro Hero 3 silver coupons starting popping up at Gopro Coupons.  The latest huge Gopro camera discount coupon replaced the top Gopro coupon for free micro SD Card and Gopro Free shipping.  Great news is that I figured that the Free micro  SD Card coupon would be updated to match the $70 off or 18% Gopro Discount and it did.  Not only do you save $70 off a Gopro hero 3 black camera or $50 off a Gopro Hero 3 silver camera, you also get a free Micro SD Card with your Gopro camera purchase by using the latest coupon that’s available.  On a Hero 3 silver edition camera you get a 16GB micro SD Card with a $10 option to upgrade it to a full 32 GB class 10 micro SD Card.  On the Hero 3 black edition camera you get a full 32 GB micro SD Card or you can choose a free Gopro Wasabi Power kit that includes the AC/DC travel charger and two extra Li-ion batteries if you don’t need the micro SD Card.

This updated Gopro deal means that for $329 you get everything you need to use your new Gopro Black edition Hero 3 camera.  No extra for shipping and no need to go out and buy a micro SD Card.  In a nutshell the savings on a hero 3 black is really closer to $100 off when you add the $70 discount and the $25-$30 cost of a 32 GB Micro SD Card.  Guaranteed that you will not find a better Gopro deal than this one.

I’m still pretty sure that a new Gopro Hero 4 camera is not around the corner, so I’m surprised to see the availability in such a drop in Gopro Hero 3 pricing.  I know that Gopro is the biggest when it comes to action sports / wearable cameras and I think it’s even the best selling camera in the world to consumers. Even though they are the largest and by far the most popular among users, they are probably dealing with some serious competition, which may be a possible reason for the latest Gopro Discount.  As far as I’m concerned everyone should use a Gopro Camera, because it’s by far the best camera to shoot video and photo during any activity.  With that being said, there are other great cameras on the market that cost less and unfortunately a $400 Gopro Hero 4 black is not in everyone’s budget.  I didn’t even run out and get one right away, it took me a month to save the cash to upgrade to the Hero 3 black edition after it launched last fall.  I seemed to see a new action sports camera pop up weekly that range in price from $99 – $250.  Since you can now get at least a Hero 3 silver edition for $250, it’s worth it to spend slightly more and get a Gopro versus many of the other brands selling action cameras in the $100 – $200 price range.  You will get the best, limitless mount options, a ton of 3rd party accessories due to it’s popularity and a quality camera that has a warranty from a company that will still be around tomorrow.   I still see tons of Gopro hero and Gopro Hero 2 HD footage that is amazing, so people are enjoying and using their Gopro cameras for years and years.


18% off Gopro Hero 3 Coupons

Almost a a full week since I blogged about the $70 off Gopro Hero 3 coupons that you can get at Gopro Coupons.  Great news is that not only is the money saving Gopro Coupon I wrote about still there, there are a few new ones that are offering the same deal.  18% off Gopro Hero 3 black coupon is $329 for the camera with Gopro Free shipping.  The savings with the same coupons is 17% off Gopro Hero 3 silver edition camera for a savings of $50 off with Gopro Free shipping.  It looks like this Gopro camera discount is being offered at several places for at least the next little while.  I have no indication on when it will end, but it’s been over a week that the savings has been available.  It really doesn’t matter which coupon you use, unless you a have a preference on where you shop.  I also noticed Gopro has lowered pricing as well if your shopping direct, but they still don’t offer free shipping.  Not sure why anyone buys direct, when you have to pay for shipping.  Gopro Free shipping coupons are a staple in my opinion and there is always one available.  I’m waiting for the free SD card/free Wasabi Power kit and Free shipping Gopro Coupon to drop their price, which would make for a super sweet deal.  I doubt that they will, but you can always hope.  If your taking advantage of one of these 18 percent off Gopro coupons, you will need to get a Micro SD Card in order to use your camera if you don’t have one already.  Depending on the Gopro vendor you choose, price out a Micro SD Card.  It’s nice to get everything in one delivery and start using your new Gopro camera once you get it, but many of the Outdoor / sports stores that are offering the discounted Gopro pricing sell their Micro SD cards at high prices in the the $60+ range.  For the best Micro SD card deal go to Micro SD Card Coupons.  You will pay about $23 for a 32 GB Micro SD card that is a Class 10 card.  You need a Class 10 card, so make sure you get the right one.  At the same place you may want to order yourself a Gopro Wasabi power kit.  It will cost you $23 for two extra Gopro batteries and AC/DC charger that will let you charge all your batteries anywhere without the need of your Gopro Camera.

New Gopro Studio 2.0 is also now available.  The new Gopro Studio has added new GoPro Edit Templates make it easy to create GoPro-style videos,Trim, edit and mix video clips, lets you Adjust video playback speed for fast or slow motion, adjustment for fisheye and now lets you add titles, music and audio tracks.  I have never liked Gopro Studio and I strongly recommend another video edition package.  I like Pinnacle Studio myself and it’s cheap(under $50 with coupons) and they always have discounts at Pinnacle Studio Coupons.  You get professional power video editing tools, in a package that is easy to use and understand.  A dummy me like me can easily use the package, which is great.  It’s great that Gopro offers tools with their camera, but anyone that want to do more than the basic editing should go with a real video editing package.  Gopro studio is a lot better than it use to be, but they are not in the video edition software business or the software business at all which is why I recommend going with a third party video edition package.  This is just my opinion and i’m sure some people are disagreeing with me, but look at the new features they added to Studio 2.0, these are things that most $30 video editing packages on the market have always been able to do.



New Sept 2013 $70 off Gopro Hero 3 Coupon

Here is a crazy Gopro Deal to kick off the latest sept 2013 Gopro Coupons.  This coupon just posted at Gopro Coupons and it’s for $70 off Gopro Hero 3 black discount or $50 off a Gopro Hero 3 silver camera discount.  No indication on when it ends or if there is limited quantity, but I just tested the coupon three times to make sure that it was real and it appears to be.  I clicked on the Gopro Coupon code that’s posted and the Hero 3 black is $329 and it includes Gopro free shipping.  What an amazing Gopro Deal!!!!  If your looking for the Hero 3 silver edition, just use the same gopro coupon.  You can select between which edition (black, silver, white) that you want.  No discount on the $199 Gopro hero 3 white edition, but the black is $249.99 and also with Gopro free shipping included.

This is way better than the free sd card or wasabi power kit deal that is also still available at Gopro Coupons for this September.  You will have to get at least an SD Card, but you can get a 32 GB Micro SD Card for about $25 at Micro SD card Deals.  Also the same place that is offering this Gopro coupon has the wasabi power kit for about $23.  Just search for it after you add your Gopro hero 3 camera to your cart with the Gopro coupon.  Quick calculation here puts you at $329 for the camera, add $25 for a 32 GB micro SD Card and $25 for a 2 Gopro Battery Wasabi Power kit and you end up at $280 with free shipping right to your door.  I even rounded up the dollar or two for the SD card and Wasabi power kit and it’s still $20 cheaper than the free SD Card or Wasabi kit.  20 dollar savings and you get both the Wasabi and the Micro SD Card makes this one of the best deals that I have seen for a Gopro Hero 3 Coupon.

I haven’t heard any new news on possible Gopro Hero 4, so this may just be a flash sale or limited time offering.  I know that when the Hero 3 was about to launch, prices on the Gopro Hero 2 dropped everywhere and great Hero 2 Gopro deals were popping up everywhere.  We just got the Hero 3 before last Christmas, so a new Gopro Hero 4 is probably going to launch in 2014.  That’s my best guess and I’m curious to see what they will be adding for features.  The latest Gopro Hero 3 is so good that it more than covers all the features that most of the general Gopro users need.  Better 4k video is kind of a waste and I know of very few Gopro users now use 4k recording on their Black edition cameras.  I know smaller always seems better, but my opinion is that the footprint on the Gopro is small enough now and if it does shrink too much more it actually might make your Gopro tougher to work with and handle while shooting.  When the Gopro Hero 4 launches and if the deals on the Hero 3 black edition are good, many people may opt to save some money and upgrade from the original or Hero 2 to the Gopro Hero 3 black edition, instead of purchasing a new Gopro Hero 4 Camera.

Expiring Gopro Coupons and Gopro Phantom Drone Review

The latest Gopro Hero 3 coupon at Gopro Coupons for free Gopro wi-fi remote on Gopro Hero 3 silver edition is about to expire after the long weekend.  This is the top Gopro Hero 3 deal for a silver edition, so if your shopping for a Hero 3 silver camera don’t miss out on this deal.  It’s still in stock as of about 5 minutes ago.  If your looking for the top Gopro Hero 3 black discount, you will have to use the Free micro SD Card (it’s a 32GB) and Gopro free shipping coupon that is also available at Gopro Coupons.   If your using this one and don’t need the Micro SD Card, you can swap out the SD card and get yourself a Gorpo Wasabi Power kit instead for free.  I also recommend that if you go with the Micro SD card, go to Gopro Wasabi Power Kit Deals and order yourself the wasabi power kit.  It’s a must have for $24.  You get two extra batteries, so that you will never run out of power and a AC/DC charger that does not require your Gopro Camera to charge up a battery, so you will always have power anywhere.

Now that I have given you the latest Gopro Coupons update, I want to mention the DJI phantom Drone for Gopro Cameras.  This thing is amazing and if your not familiar with it, you have to check it out.  The DJI Phantom Aerial drone is a quadcopter and you attach your Gopro to it and you fly it around filming with your Gopro.  Check out some of the video footage at Phantom Gopro Videos.  This is stuff that you see in movies and professional production quality, which use to cost tens of thousands to shoot.  Now you can do it yourself for well under a thousand bucks.  The cost of the DJI phantom Drone is not what I would call super cheap, but it’s cost is low for what it does in my opinion.  The best deals I found on them range from $650 to about $700 at DJI Phantom Coupons.  It’s ready to go at this price including Gopro mount.  Only thing not included is the Gopro Camera.  The DJI Phantom Aerial Drone works with Gopro hero 1, Hero 2 and Hero 3 and other action cameras as well.  If your not filming, the drone is a great toy as well.  It’s not different than spending hundreds on a remote control Helicopter. I love my helicopter by the way and it’s ton of fun!  It get’s better with available accessories. My buddy had glasses that he wears and he get the video fed back to him so it’s like he is in flight.  I’m working on who makes them and will post as soon as I hear back.  The other option I saw is to get a FPV Transmitter and receiver which will cost you an addition $160.  You can see the options at FPV Transmitter Deals.  The Transmitter and receiver kit will let you transmit your footage to a screen to watch your flight as if your sitting in the drone.  This is seriously cool stuff, like military, covert stuff.  I cant’ tell you exactly but I’m guessing a ton of movie footage has been shot using Gopro and a one of these drones.  The Gopro HD quality is amazing and the cost of a drone would be nothing like renting a real helicopter for the day.  By the time your done with everything and excluding the cost a Gopro Camera, you will be just under $900 with wireless transmitter/receiver kit.  Pretty cheap in my opinion for what you get and the fun you will have.  It’s a no brainer for anyone that needs to take areal footage for business purposes.  I suggested to my local golf course to get one and post areal coverage of the course on their website.

Saving over $60 off Gopro Coupons

I have searched out some possible new Gopro Hero 3 discount coupons.  In my last blog, there was a 20 percent off Gopro coupon that I suggested, but it has been pulled and no longer works, which I assumed that it would have been pretty quickly.  I have found a new one that could possibly save you 20% off a Gopro hero 3 black edition camera.   Before I get into it I still think the best Gopro deal is the coupons at Gopro coupons for the Free 32GB micro SD Card and Gopro Free shipping.  No headaches, no having to go out and purchase a MicroSD card for your Gopro, free shipping included, brand new with warranty from a reputable store delivered quickly right to your door.

Now I have tried out the latest 20% off Gopro Coupon at Gopro Hero 3 Black Coupon and it out and it does appear to work, but only a few are available according to the website.  The steps I too were, I went to Gopro Hero 3 Black Coupon and than used the coupon listed “Save 50% on Over 18,000 Outdoor Gear Products + Free Shipping”.  In the search type in Gopro for listing of available cameras in price.  To save you all these steps you can just use the following link to get directly to at Gopro Hero 3 Black Deals.  The pricing listed is from $325 – $330 with free shipping.  This is a gear trading website that’s reputable.  The interesting thing is that they have new ones listed and the listed seller is Back Country.  You have to register when you click on the buy button.  No big deal so I registered and followed it right through to checkout.  It’s a great deal in terms of price with a savings of about 20 percent off.  Not sure why backcountry has them listed and it shows only a quantity of a couple available.  A few of them listed shows condition as Excellent, but there are a couple that show condition as “New”.   I went as far as to check the sellers reviews and stats, which show they have completed about 192 thousand orders.  Based on that number I’m assuming it’s the actually Backcountry.com listing items as another avenue to sell inventory.  Good deal if you can get a new Gopro Hero 3 black at this discount from Backcountry.  Bottom line here is that it’s a savings of almost $80 if your comfortable with this.  I would definitely not buy one that is not new for this kind of savings, but that’s just my opinion.  You will have to go get a Micro SD card, which will cost you from 20 -30 bucks so the actually money your saving is about $50 compared to using the free micro SD Card Gopro Coupon.  The cheapest place for a microSD Card is at MicroSD Deals. MicroSD cards sold at other large online retailers and especially at the online outdoor/sports websites that sell Gopro are charging over 50 bucks for 32GB micro SD Card.  If your going to pay that price there will be no savings for your troubles over using the Free SD Card Gopro Coupon.

For current Gopro users don’t forget to get the latest GoPro App. The Gopro App has new features that now let you view photos, play back videos, copy Gopro photos and Gopro videos to Gopro Album that is setup on your table or smart phone.  The new Gopro App also adds sharing of phots and videos via email, instagram, text and Facebook.  You can download the app in the Apple appstore, google play or windowsphone or directly at Gopro at Gopro App Download.  The new App features have been long time coming and if you need to update your device software, please follow the instructions very carefully.

August 2013 Gopro Coupons Roundup

Here is my August 2013 Gopro Coupons summary.  Summer is flying by, but there is still time to enjoy your new Gopro Hero 3 camera.  After hours of scouring the web for Gopro deals I think I have found a couple of good ones.  First off at Gopro Coupons, you can still take advantage of the Gopro Free shipping and the option to choose between a 32GB free Micro SD Card or a free  Gopro Wasabi Power kit with the purchase of Gopro Hero 3 Black edition.  If your shopping for a Gopro Hero 3 Silver edition coupon, the same coupon is available that includes free shipping, but the free micro SD Card with the Hero 3 silver edition is a 16GB card (option of $20 to upgrade to a 32GB).  There is also no option to go with the wasabi power kit instead of the micro SD Card with the Hero 3 silver edition.  This is the best Gopro deal that your going to find with one possible exception.  Before I get into why I’m saying “possible exception”, I have to mention the X Games.  If your not convinced about how great a Gopro Camera is and why you have to have one check out the videos at xgames. Gopro is huge sponsor of X games and heavily involved in their video production.  They have more than 90 Gopro Hero 3 cameras at this years L.A. and Irwindale X Games sites.  A ton of the footage they have posted is shot with Gopro Hero 3 cameras.  It’s absolutely amazing video quality and video angles.  Gopro also provided ESPN with five of the six course previews.

Now for the possible Gopro savings I mentioned earlier.  I personally gave this quasi Gopro Coupon code a try and it worked for me, but I know that it may be pulled or become excluded, once the word spreads.  Unfortunately this happens basically all the time, because Gopro is usually brand excluded from sales.  Anyways it’s 20% off Gopro Hero 3 black edition which is a full $60 off.  The coupon code is available at Kona Sports Coupons.  Give it a try and type in Gopro in the search bar to find all the Gopro stuff they sell.  You should see the Hero 3 black edition camera for $399.  They offer Gopro free shipping as well and it also worked on Gopro Accessories when I gave it a try.  If you are able to get this $60 off Gopro Coupon to work, you will need to get a Micro SD Card if you don’t already have one.  For the best Micro SD Card deal go to Gopro SD Coupons.  A class 10 32GB micro SD Card will cost you $23 here and I’m pretty sure you won’t find a cheaper price anywhere online or at your local electronics store.  You can also pick up your extra Gopro batteries using the same Gopro SD Coupons, by searching for Gopro Wasabi Power kit.  You can also get the wasabi directly at Gopro Wasabi Power Deals.  The cost of the Wasabi is only $23.99 and you get two Japanese cell batteries and most importantly a AC/DC charger that lets you charge your batteries anywhere and at anytime without the need to use your Gopro camera for charging.  The Gopro Wasabi Power kit is a must have in my opinion for all Gopro Users.  It’s so cheap that you can’t go wrong for 23 bucks.

30% Back Gopro Coupon at Moosejaw

Not a lot of new August 2013 Gopro Coupons that are new from my search today.  The top money saving Gopro Camera coupons is the one still available at Gopro Coupons.  The top gopro coupon is still the Gopro Free shipping plus Gopro Free micro SD Card deals.  This Gopro deal is still available on both the Gopro Hero 3 silver edition and the Gopro hero 3 black edition.  For the Hero 3 silver edition, you get a free 16 GB Micro SD Card and a option to upgrade the free 16GB card to a 32GB card.  If your using the Hero 3 black edition coupon, you get a free 32 GB micro SD Card and there is an option to get a free Gopro Wasabi Power kit instead of the 32GB Micro SD Card in case you don’t need the SD Card.  I recommend that all current Gopro and new Gopro users get a Wasabi Power kit.  Most Gopro users end up buying an extra battery or Gopro Battery bacpac and the Wasabi power kit is way better option than buying a spare Gopro Battery.  The wasabi power kit gives you two extra batteries and quick charger AC/DC charger.  A extra Gopro Battery will cost you about $20 and you  need to use your Gopro to charge it, which is not very convenient.  The wasabi power kit lets you charge your extra batteries anywhere without the need to tie up your camera.  We usually have batteries charging in the vehicles while we are out shooting.  Best part is the Wasaibi is cheap and you can get it for $23.99 at Gopro Wasabi Power Deals.

If you don’t like the free shipping and Free SD Card gopro coupons, your only other options are Gopro Free shipping coupons available at Gopro Coupon codes.  Last option I can suggest is the 30% back Gopro Coupon that I found at Moosejaw coupons.  They are offering a promo for 30% back in their Moosejaw reward points.  Before you dismiss this deal you should check out what you can get with your points at Moosejaw Rewards.  You will get Gopro free shipping and the price is the same as everywhere else, $399 for the Black edition and $299 for silver edition.  Normally you get 10% in rewards points, so on a black you will get 4000 points.  Use the coupon and you now get 12,000 points with your purchase.  For 12,000 points you will instantly have enough reward points to get items like Oakley sunglasses, camelbak hydration pack, north face bags, native sunglasses, osprey bags to name just a few items.  I also noticed that you will have enough points for many North Face, Patagonia, Arcteryx men’s and women’s clothing and jackets.  I’m not going to list the hundreds of things that you can get free with your points, but I would take a look before you decide on the best savings on your Gopro Purchase.  This coupon also great if your just buying Gopro accessories, because you will end up getting something free like a t-shirt.  Basically this deal is swapping out the free SD card or wasabi power kit for a free item of your choice that you can get with the 30% moosejaw reward points.  You can also bank your reward points for bigger and better items if you shop at Moosejaw.  If your not familiar with Moosejaw, they always have huge sales, price match on all their items and they sell all the top and most popular outdoor brands available.

Gopro Hero 3 Coupon for $45 off update

Sorry but the Gopro Hero 3 Silver coupon for 15 percent off or about $45 off is out of stock at Gopro Coupons.  They actually pulled the coupon but the page Gopro Coupons page has been updated with a link in the description / info page.  It was never available on the Gopro Hero 3 Black edition camera.  So if your looking for a Hero 3 silver, just use the free 16GB micro SD card and Gopro Free shipping coupon that is available.  It’s also a great deal, that is fairly close to the savings if you don’t already have a Micro SD card.  I think in one of my last blogs I worked it out to be about $10-$15 more then saving $45 off, but you also don’t have to go through the hassle of placing a order for your Gopro and one for a SD Card somewhere else.   The same still stands for anyone looking for a Gopro hero 3 black coupon.  The best Gopro deal is the free 32 GB Micro SD Card and gopro Shipping coupon at Gopro coupon codes.  I have still not been able to find a better deal then this one for a Gopro Hero 3 Black camera.  Every other deal or coupon is free shipping and that’s it.  I do have one final option that may work out to a better deal for some people.  At Moosejaw Coupons, you get Gopro free shipping and they give you back 10% back in rewards.  So on purchasing a Hero 3 black you will get 4000 points and 3000 on Hero 3 silver edition.  Doesn’t hurt to check out the rewards.  You can get clothing for men and women and gear for less then 3000 to 4000 points.  I especially saw a great selection of gear for around the 5000 points range, which you would basically have with a Black edition camera and a Gopro accessory purchase.

There are no other huge Gopro savings that I can find anywhere.  I’m hoping that we will see some savings when they announce a new Gopro Hero 4 camera.  There is no launch date set and there is not a lot of information, but I’m guessing it will be for the holiday season or just after.  The new Gopro Hero 4 (if they call it that) will be interesting to see what they will add or change.  I’m guessing that it will have the same footprint as the current Hero 3 but a better lens.  The Hero 2 was 1080p @30 fps and the Hero 3 went to 1080p @ 60fps.  The Gopro Hero 4 will probably do 1080p @120 fps and all Hero 4 editions will do 4k video like the black edition.  It should also improve on low light filming capabilities and have the a new processor.  Currently the Hero 3 black uses the Ambarella A7 chip, but the new Ambarella A9 is out, so I’m pretty positive this will be the power behind the new Gopro Hero 4 camera. New Ambarella A9 recodes 4k30 video, 1080p@120fps and 720p@240. The Hero 3 white and silver edition cameras use the Amberalla A5S chip, which by the way is the same as what you would find in the Gopro Hero 2 cameras.  Twice the power, but I think that many people will be looking for a deal on Hero 3 when the new Gopro Camera launches.  As much as I love the latest and greatest, it’s more power than most people require.  I think a 4k television starts at about $4000 right now.  FYI I noticed that Gopro controls pricing very well and when the Gopro Hero 3 launched they were not blowing out the Hero 2 cameras.  As a matter of fact they are still a great camera and well worth the savings, but they are still priced about the same as a Hero 3 silver edition camera.  The best deal I can find is at Gopro hero Coupons.  $229 for a HD Hero 2 outdoors.  The surf and motorsports edition are the same price as a Hero 3 silver edition.  Don’t worry when the Gopro Hero 4 launches I will be on top of finding some Gopro hero 4 coupons.