Gopro coupons for April 2016

A few new deals on Gopro cameras at Gopro Coupons.  The savings on a Gopro Hero 4 black is about 15% off with free shipping and the savings on a Gopro Hero 4 silver is about 18% off with free shipping as well.  The Gopro Hero sessions that normally retails for $199, is available for a pretty good deal at the same spot.  For an extra $18, you get a free head strap mount and free 16 GB Micro SD Card.

Take advantage of these Gopro deals.  Gopro camera sales have been in a huge decline and it has really let retailers offer some discounts like those above.  In the past Gopro discounts were strictly controlled by Gopro corporate themselves.  Gopro still has the best camera on the market in my opinion, but I understand that the competition has really blown up.  News is that Gopro has hired an apple exec to head up new hardware division for Gopro.  Name of the game is innovation and Gopro needs to launch some new products at a decent price point.  Also looking forward to them launching their Karma Drone.  Lots of speculation about the Karma Drone.  It’s a big business and Gopro should have been on it a lot sooner.  DJI phantom made a fortune by offering a drone that adapted to a Gopro Camera.  I don’t know what the Karma price point will be, but you can get a full HD 360 drone for $500- $1000 at  I have personally used several including the DJI brand and they are amazing video.  Gopro needs to price themselves correctly in the drone market.

Latest March 2016 Gopro Coupons

Hi everyone.  It’s been a while since I have updated this Gopro coupons blog.  It’s been a combination of no time and I really haven’t seen any new deals available to blog about.  At Gopro Coupons, there were Gopro black coupons, silver coupons that ranged from 10-24% off, but none of them worked, until now when I checked.

To sum it up here are the deals that are posted at Gopro Coupons and after comparing these deals with over a dozen Gopro Resellers, I was unable to find better Gopro Camera deals.  For the Gopro Hero 4 silver edition, use the coupon to save 24% off starter bundle.  The bundle includes free shipping, free 64 GB SD Card, 2 extra Gopro batteries and a dual charger.  If your looking for a Gopro Hero 4 Sessions, the posted coupon will get you free shipping and a free Micro SD Card.  For the Gopro Hero 4 black edition your best bet is the starter bundle coupon.
Another interesting coupon is the $400 off Hero 4 black edition and Quadcopter bundle.  This bundle is $1,500 but you get the Hero 4 black edition camera and a 3DR Solo Smart Drone.  You also get the GoPro Gimbal for 3DR Solo: 3-axis gimbal.  This 3 axis gimbal gives you solid GoPro performance, Capture smooth and fluid HD footage every flight stabilized to within 0.1 degrees of pointing accuracy.  Love drones and Gopro footage.  May not be necessary for everyone, but even if it’s not, it’s still cool to have!

New Gopro Coupons available

There are some new Gopro coupon codes available at Gopro Coupons.  There are a couple more Gopro bundle deals that are also available at, but the first link are the top ones that I am going to quickly review for you right now.  I’ll start with the Gopro Hero 4 black edition coupons.  If your looking for just the Hero 4 black edition camera use the coupon for 14% off.  It’s a savings of $71 off the regular price of $499.  I’m not sure why you would buy direct from Gopro because for $71 more.  Same warranty and brand new from authorized Gopro retailer.  I’m mentioning this because a friend of mine, just did this and I told him he was nuts.  Convinced that everyone else selling it was not the same, especially if it was cheaper!!

Second black deal is the starter bundle.  It’s $477 with the coupon at Gopro Coupons. It includes a 64 SD Card, 2 extra Gopro batteries, free shipping and dual battery charger.  Great deal is you don’t have a SD Card, because your going to need one to use your new camera anyways.

Finally the Gopro Hero 4 silver deals.  Two options available that include the camera only and a starter bundle deal like the Hero 4 black edition.  The camera on it’s own is 15% off for a savings of $61 off the $399 retail price.  The starter bundle is $389, which is 10 bucks lower than the retail price, however you get a 64 gb micro sd card, 2 extra free Gopro batteries and a dual battery charger.  Both deals include free shipping and both coupons are listed at Gopro Coupons.

30-60% off Gopro Accessories coupon

Happy holidays to everyone.  I know that a ton of people got their new Gopro Hero 4 cameras for the holidays and now your looking for a deal on the Gopro Accessories that you want.  For the best Gopro Accessory deals and selection check out the 30-60% off sale at Gopro Coupons.  The direct link to the full listing of Gopro Accessories that are on sale, you can also go to Gopro Accessories.   Just about all the Gopro accessories are on sale.  This also includes all OEM Gopro stuff and a long list of aftermarket Gopro accessory makers.  Popular accessories for new camera owners are extra batteries, SD Cards, floating mounts and the huge mount bundles.  A pair of extra batteries with dual charger will only cost you about $20.  SD cards range from $17 to $30 for a 64GB to 128GB SD Card.  The bundle mounts range, but for about $30 you can get yourself about 20  various mounts and accessories in a bundle.  You can’t beat that deal.

If you were not fortunate enough to get a Gopro camera, but got enough cash to get one, there are some great gopro camera discounts that are still available at Gopro Coupons.  The savings right now for a Hero 4 black edition is $70 off, for a Hero 4 silver edition the savings is $60 off and for a Hero 4 sessions camera, you will get a free 32 GB micro SD Card.  All deals include Gopro Free shipping as well.  Just a heads up on the Hero 4 black coupon for $70 off.  I just used this one and it was actually $100 off, but the coupon only states $70 off.

Last Chance Gopro Coupons for Christmas

Last chance to save on Gopro Hero 4 cameras for the holidays with new discount deals at Gopro coupons.  The newest deals here are $60 off Gopro Hero 4 silver coupon and $30 off Gopro Hero 4 black coupon.  If your looking to compare these deals to other Gopro deals available, I highly recommend checking prices here at

Don’t forget that if your not looking to spend $300 plus for a Gopro camera as a gift, you can not go wrong with a Gopro Hero+ with Wi-Fi or the latest Gopro Hero 4 Sessions.  Both of these cameras are under $200 and sometimes under $150 if the right deal pops up.  Full HD on both camera models if your not familiar with them.  You still have a week to take advantage of the deals here for shipping.  After this week you won’t get your item in time for the holidays and you will be stuck paying more at your local retailer store.

Holiday Gopro Coupons

New Holiday Gopro coupons have been posted at Gopro coupons.  These new deals have replaced all the cyber Monday and black Friday deals that I last blogged about it.   One of the coupons available is a $40 off gopro coupon plus free 2 day shipping.  This is the top cash discount Gopro coupon that  I have been able to find anywhere.  In addition to the $40 off, there is a great Holiday bundle deals for all Gopro models.  This includes the Hero 4 black, Hero 4 silver, Hero+ and the Hero Sessions.

The bundles differ a little depending on the model your looking for, but they all include at least $50 worth of free stuff.  For the Gopro Hero 4 silver holiday bundle you get free shipping, free 32 GB Micro SD Card, free Head Strap Camera Mount for GoPro, free Wasabi Power Battery (2-Pack) and Dual Charger for GoPro HERO4, free Carrying Case for GoPro and free GoPro Suction Cup Mount.

For the Holiday Gopro Hero 4 black and Hero 4 Sessions camera, you get a free Gopro Jaws Clamp Mount, GoPro Suction Cup Mount, Head Strap Camera Mount, carrying casee for GoPro and free Lexar High-Performance microSDHC 633x 32GB UHS-I/U1 (Up to 95MB/s Read) w/USB 3.0 Reader Flash Memory Card.

I think the holiday bundles are the best deal.  If your buying it as a gift and want to watch your budget, go with the $40 off gopro coupon.  They can go and get their own accessories, no one can complain about getting a free Gopro as a gift for the holidays in my opinion.

24% off Gopro Black Coupon

New Gopro Hero 4 black edition Black Friday weekend deal at Gopro Coupons, will save you a full 24% off.  That’s well over $100 off the regular price of $499.  To be exact you will save $120 off.  Basically your getting a Hero 4 black Gopro camera for less than the normal $399 price of a Gopro Hero 4 silver edition.

Now if your looking for a Hero 4 silver edition, there are also some great Black Friday sales available.  The best one I can find is here at Gopro Hero 4 Silver Sale.  The deal on Gopro Hero 4 silver edition here is $80 off (20% off).  That means the normally $399 Hero 4 silver edition, will only cost you $320.  I’m sure that you will not be finding a better deal than these for CyberMonday.  The coupons do post that both deals end, Sunday. My guess is that they will be continued for cyber Monday week.  So if your reading this after Nov 29, you will probably still get these Gopro Deals.

BlackFriday Gopro Coupons

Here are the top BlackFriday Gopro Coupons at Gopro Coupons or get the top deals i can find direct at  I’ll sum it up really quickly for you.  The savings is about 20% off Gopro Hero 4 cameras and this is the best deal that I can find online anywhere.

Gopro Hero 4 silver edition camera is $319, a savings of $80.
Gopro Hero 4 Black edition camera is $349, a savings of 30% off.  This is a huge savings, so don’t miss out.  The Gopro Hero+ with wifi is also $50 off and the Gopro Hero 4 sessions is also 25% off at BlackFriday Gopro Sale.  Not going to waste your time anymore.  You probably familiar with the camera you want and now you know the deals.  Get it before they expire!!!

20% off Gopro Sessions Coupon

New Gopro Hero 4 Sessions coupon at Gopro coupons saves you a full 20% off.  With this deal the Gopro Hero 4 session camera is only $239 and it also includes Gopro free shipping.  This is an amazing deal on the smallest Gopro camera available on the market today.

The Gopro Hero 4 session is not only small.  It’s just as durable as all the other Gopro cameras and waterproof to 33 feet with no outside housing required.  It offers a simple one button control, that lets you easily start and stop recording and capture still images with a single press of the button.  Don’t forget that it also shoots full HD with video quality up to 1440p30, 1080p60 and 720p100 video.  The still pictures the Session takes are photos with 10 fps Burst option.

If your looking for more custom controls than the session, there are still $60 off coupons on the Gopro Hero 4 silver edition and the Gopro Hero 4 black edition at Gopro coupons. The Session camera at $239 is a great price point for holiday gifts.

$60 off Gopro Hero 4

New deal at Gopro coupons for $60 off Gopro Hero 4 silver edition camera, plus free shipping included.  It’s a 15% savings from the regular retail price of $399.  This is a really amazing deal and it’s a better deal than the $499 black edition.  Unless your doing some very serious shooting you will be more than satisfied with the silver hero 4 camera.  This also includes professional and commercial work.  Other packages for the hero 4 silver edition can be had at

Here is a quick run down of the Hero 4 silver specs.

  • Built-In Touch Display: Frame your shots. Easily adjust settings. Play back videos and photos. Improved Camera Control: New dedicated button enables quick access to camera settings. Simplified menus make navigating settings easier than ever.
  • Fast, Powerful Photo Capture: Captures high-quality 12MP photos at speeds of up to 30 fps.
  • Built-In WiFi + Bluetooth: Delivers enhanced connectivity to the GoPro App, Smart Remote
  • Protune – Now for Video + Photos: Cinema-quality capture and manual control of color, ISO limit, exposure and more. Night Photo Lapse: Customizable exposure settings up to 30 seconds for single and Time Lapse Photos. Auto Low Light: Automatically adjusts frame rates for optimal low-light performance. High-Performance Audio: New Audio System captures clean, high fidelity sound and nearly 2x the dynamic range. Ultra Wide-Angle Glass Lens: Enables engaging, immersive footage of you and your world. Selecable FOV: Three FOV settings – Ultra-Wide, Medium and Narrow – allow for a broad range of perspectives. HiLight Tag: Mark key moments while recording for easy playback, editing, and sharing. QuikCapture: Power on and record automatically with the press of a single button. SuperView: Captures the world’s most immersive wide-angle field of view.
  • Durable + Waterproof to 131′ (40m): Designed to withstand extreme environments and conditions. Wearable + Mountable: Enables immersive self-capture during your favorite activities. Compatible with all GoPro Mounts: 60+ mounts and accessories – and counting – for capturing a wide variety of perspective and activities. GoPro App + Software: Control your camera remotely. View and share your content. Easily create gorgeous GoPro-style videos.